Accurate Communication

Animal Communication by Faith in Sacramento, California, allows you to understand the needs of your animal companion. I have the ability to communicate with all species of animals. I connect with your animal through communicating mentally, like tuning into a "radio frequency".

Help for You and your Animal I can help with injury, illness, end of life issues and behavior problems.I work with all species of animals at any age of life. My communication and energetic healing abilities can offer immediate physical and emotional comfort. In addition, my skills can offer you an opportunity to have a two way conversation with your beloved animal companion.

I offer local home visits as well as phone consultations nationally, and Internationally.

Meet Faith

Faith provides a communication service for animals of all types and ages

She provides local, national and international services. She offers you and your companion more than 25 years of professional experience and works to ensure you know exactly what your animal is thinking or needs.

She relays accurate information. Her skills are suitable for all species of animals and helps secure the best possible care for your family member.More

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